Who is Add Print?

ADD PRINT SDN BHD is a printing solution company based in Kepong, Malaysia lead by a team of creative and experience members that has more than 20 years of industry experience. We commit the best and most innovative solutions to our customers and potential business partners through our products and services.

In meeting demands, we specialized in:

•Notebook customization

•Diaries customization

•Professional yearly planner

•Yearly Organizer

•Calendar designed with creative visual

•Other special request from customers




•Add Print aims to be a company known for its creativity and innovations in both local and international market. Ceaselessly delivery best results and breaking expectations of every clients.



•Delivering best of quality product and services for clients who entrust their faith and belief in our company.

•Create a mutual benefiting situation for loyal customers that enrich their experience through our products and services.

•Create an enjoyable and harmony environment for our value employees to recognize their commitment and contributions to the company. Implement worthwhile programme that rewards the employees.


What are your needs?


We now live in a digital era with rapidly growing technologies. We often Human’s memory are like an ocean without boundaries but yet limited. We often forget events and want to remember events as well. What we could do is to record everything we have been through and here we need the most important material, the Notebook or rather the Diary. 


Be it a happy or sad happening, every moment should be recorded as it is in a diary because that’s life.


When we are busy with packed schedule, we will necessarily need the existence of the Planner that records the daily routine that need to be done. Alternatively, an organizer would also be much helpful in this hectic situation. 


For smart individual or even businesses, the tracking of expense is important, therefore, here offering the personal notebook designed for recording purposes and such.


Nevertheless, people are always proud of their achievement. We would like our recognition, award and certificates to be framed and presented neatly. It could be achieve with the best certificate offer by Add Print. For graduation ceremony as well, colleges and institution are also in need to present the certificates in the form scroll.


Every description and details listed are considerately important to all our clients, we wish and would strike best in achieving and producing the best outcome for our clients.


What we can do? / Other Services


We realized client often has great ideas and vision for their customized material and needs. Add Print Industry, in this field as well, offers various services in T-shirt customizing, certificates holder, name cards printing and many more as the customerwishes.

For all this alternative services, please contact us for further enquiries:


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No. 99 & 100, Jalan 12, 

Taman Perindustrian Ehsan Jaya,

Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur,

Wilayah Persekuatan, Malaysia. ​

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Email: inquiry@addprint.com.my



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